Vice President Biden’s VP Pick

Yesterday was a historic moment when candidate for President, Joe Biden, finally announced his VP pick for the upcoming 2020 election. It seems to me that we’ve all been eagerly anticipating this for months, following the trial balloons and false head nods.

I’ve voted for his pick, Senator Harris of CA, when she was elected to become our junior Senator. It was an easy pick, mainly because she was miles ahead of her opponent. However, I haven’t seen anything since she was elected to be our Senator that has really moved the needle. Her “crown” achievement from the media appears to be the Kavanaugh hearing, however, I’m more interested in her legislative record which has been light. Her latest legislation is the Climate bill, and I’m curious how that gets formed through the months.

I’m keeping my mind and eyes open for what it means for Senator Harris to possibly become the VP of this great country of ours, especially since she never was on my radar as “my” VP pick and wasn’t on the top 3 candidates.

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