Good for Partisans, Bad for Country

Discourse has never been more exhausting in my living memory. In fact, the politicization and the “comfort zone” of communication is what’s causing all of the exhaustion. In a more saner world, there could be healthy debates on how different counties or state in the U.S. should balance the pandemic and the economy. My TwitterContinue reading “Good for Partisans, Bad for Country”

Vice President Biden’s VP Pick

Yesterday was a historic moment when candidate for President, Joe Biden, finally announced his VP pick for the upcoming 2020 election. It seems to me that we’ve all been eagerly anticipating this for months, following the trial balloons and false head nods. I’ve voted for his pick, Senator Harris of CA, when she was electedContinue reading “Vice President Biden’s VP Pick”

During a time of confusion

Common Sense Technologist was started at the start of 2020. This was going to be a space where I am able to write freely and explore ideas that I am extremely interested about. I’ve been mainly involved on Twitter but a blog seems appropriate for more long form content. I’ve tweeted about politics, COVID-19, foreignContinue reading “During a time of confusion”

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