I am proud

It was a long week, but the election is almost over. Results will trickle in for the House contents in the next couple of weeks and Georgia will have two Senate run-offs in January. But largely we are done with another general election cycle and I am proud.

Elections are always heated, but I’m proud that we are able to get out and vote during this challenging time. We’ve broken records this election. Our volunteers and election infrastructure did a tremendous job under these stresses.

I am proud that we were not violent and we allowed our anger, hopes and passions to be heard through our votes.

I am proud and confident that we will have another peaceful transition of power. We should never take peaceful elections for granted because we are all actors in this wonderful tradition.

In a functional democracy, you win some and you lose some. I am proud of our traditions and the desire to always be better. I am proud to be an American and that never wavered throughout the years.

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