2021 Predictions

I’ve been taking several weeks to reflect on 2020. It’s been a huge year of growth for me. I started to write a lot more, I’ve started to meditate in the aim of building my practice in “focus”. I’ve tried to keep things fresh when things are stagnant. I was laid off which forced me to go out on my own. I’m hopeful for all the learnings I’ve taken. This is my second annual prediction post and the first one published.


  • Marshmellow, Travis Scott, and others made waves reaching new audiences through interactive mediums like games. We’ll see products built and launched specifically to help cultural figures reach places that they’ve never been before. Events will be bigger. Can you see a popular music festival going fully digital? Imagine a virtual Coachella in Fortnite.
  • The market wants less uniting cultural figures. In the last decade or so, the hot thing to do is for celebrities to come up and be political. This year, we’ll see some public bust ups of celebrities going against each other on behalf of their “team”.
  • I don’t remember who was a cultural icon of 2020 and a big breakout star, maybe Billie Eilish? It’s time we see a fresh face of the Lady Gaga 2009 caliber. In the main stream.
  • More cultural figures will land in hot water for making a mistake or saying something that was perceived negatively. You may say we’ll hit historic highs.


  • EU will see some signs of progress after years of slogging through Brexit. There will be renewed confidence in its market, and especially its access to markets like China and continental Africa.
  • US will try to mend relationships with some allies and foes, and will largely use global organizations as a platform to apologize and concede ground. In the world’s eyes, they have a lot more to lose partnering with the US because we have a functioning opposition, but that results in less trust in deals if it’s not done through proper avenues (i.e. executive orders).
  • China will soften their approach from 2020 after making a lot of noise. The goals will be the same, but there will be more calculated and less rash approach, especially if there’s skepticism from world leaders.


  • There will be a discussion and political action on breaking up on of the big tech companies. This is a bipartisan issue at the moment.
  • See an increase in extra-terrestrial funding for new start ups and innovations. We’ll see one of the big private entities make incredible progress like SpaceX in 2020.
  • A tech enabled charter city will be conceived in English speaking countries. It’ll be a move to innovate at the local level on governance, environment, living, and the economy.
  • EU tech scene will see double the number of unicorns as the previous year.
  • Japanese robotics companies will announce a global phenomenon on a household robot.

I look forward to improve my writing and thinking skills, and would love to connect with you all.


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