Good for Partisans, Bad for Country

Discourse has never been more exhausting in my living memory. In fact, the politicization and the “comfort zone” of communication is what’s causing all of the exhaustion.

In a more saner world, there could be healthy debates on how different counties or state in the U.S. should balance the pandemic and the economy. My Twitter feed is often more center-right, but my IG and FB feed are mostly left. I’m always curious what people are reading and saying, and it seems to me that everyone is set in this singular way of thinking.

We all have the responsibility to break through our own comfort zone and barriers, because this level of division cannot be healthy and it’s damaging our republic. Yes, we’ve had this level of partisanship in our history but not at the level of connectivity we have today. Ultimately, this division and chaos is good for partisans, but bad for country. And I do want all of us to break out of our narrative barriers to list, get to the truth, and take measurable actions to improve our community.

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