How does one reset?

I believe in a reset. I believe that sometimes you need to take the cold shower and start with a blank slate. I believe that you can reach higher after unlearning and relearning. But can you reset during a pandemic when everything seems to be in place?

Yes, you can.

Personally, this has been the time for me to look within and search for meaningful ways to “reset”. Look within at what has been exciting or bothering me, and figure out a way to amplify or severe ties with it. Look within our community and borders to explore places that I’ve yet to explore. I’ve never done more hikes in my life, but it’s what’s helping me reset. I’ve put it on myself to learn a new skill every month this year (small or large) and that’s given me new perspectives. Writing and journaling more has helped me put these thoughts into words, and that’s helped me reset.

2020 for many may be a stagnant time, but I believe humans are not made to be stagnant. Therefore, we should all learn how to reset more frequently when the meaning and actions of resetting has changed. We all learn and will be better from this experience.

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